The Job

To resurface a bath takes around 4 hours on the first day, and around an hour on the second day to finish it off. The bath is then back in use within 24 hours after the second day, so 48 hours from start to finish.

The second day return is very important, no other companies will do this, but it is essential to smooth out any drying imperfections which then leaves the bath with a true enamel finish.

You will get a top class job, and after 23 years of seeing other companies jobs, I sincerely believe we will leave you with the best finish in the industry (like a bath in a showroom).

No mess. No plumbing disturbance. No inconvenience

Because we work in peoples homes every day of the week, we take a lot of care and attention masking off and covering things over so there is no mess whatsoever. 9 out of 10 baths are resurfaced with all the taps and fittings in place, so there is no plumbing disturbance or inconvenience.

This is the kind of job you only want doing once Get it done properly the first time.

Chip Repairs

We also specialise in doing on site repairs to steel or cast iron baths. We can do invisible repairs, this takes around an hour to do and the bath is back in use on the same day.


All work is fully guaranteed. Because of the faith we have in the high performance coatings we import in from the States, we expect your new surface to last many many years if you look after it with the simple after care instructions that we will leave with you .

Commercial Works

We are small enough to care, but big enough to cope. We are experts in the commercial field. We do jobs for hotels, hospitals, local authorities and many more. We have undertaken works of 90 baths in one hotel to single baths in stately homes. Belvoir Castle is a regular customer and any baths on view at the castle I been personally re-enamelled

before and after example

No job is too big or too small

Every job receives our full attention to detail. We specialise in doing invisible chip repairs for baths in the hotel industry. Also, many building companies and tilers use our services at their snagging stage of a job to remove scratches and repair surface chips.

Cast Iron Baths

Most cast iron baths are as old as the house they live in. Some can be a big job to remove. Not only is plumbing disturbed and rearranged, you could end up loosening all your tiles and re plastering at the back This is why most people today keep their old baths. Not only are they deeper than new ones, but also in most cases they are longer as well.

Some plastic baths are paper thin and wobble like jelly where as the old cast iron baths are solid and were made properly. When we apply a new surface, you get the feel and strength of a brand new cast iron bath without ripping it out and replacing it with an inferior bath which would cost a small fortune.

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