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We have a second business called Integrity Coatings UK Ltd. This business is one of the largest suppliers of materials to the bath resurfacing industry in UK and Ireland. As there are not a lot of resurfacing specialists around, we have got to know most companies and what materials they use, and generally users of the Integrity coating system leave their customers with more of a superior finish than any other enamel coating.

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This is the site of our American coating manufacturers. With 23 years experience, we have tried and tested many coatings and if there were anything better on the market, we would be using it...but there isn't....not by a long shot.


The coating we use and supply is a high performance acrylic polymer designed in the States to cover vitreous, pot and ceramic surfaces as well as plastic and acrylic. The coating is tested up to 400 degrees F and is non yellowing unlike many other materials. Our coatings are considered to be the safest in the world for bath resurfacing in peoples homes. It is a non isosyante lead free coating.

Say no more.

Make sure you ask a company if their coatings are non-isosyanate or isosyanate free. If they aren't, then they are unsafe to use in a closed environment as isosyanates are the biggest form of industrial asthemas and are carcegenic.

We suggest that you steer clear of companies that use epoxy resin coatings. Some cannot tolerate UV rays in natural daylight and will yellow sometimes over a short period of time. Some epoxys cannot tolerate hot water temperature changes and will split and crack. Cast Iron can go from cold to hot quite quickly and a coating has to expand with that.

As previously stated, our coatings are tested up to 400 degrees F. Temperatures you will never get any where near.

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